Fixed Blade Knife Sleeve (Medium)

F.D. Leatherworks

These Leather Pocket Knife Sleeves keep your knife close by in your pocket and protect the fabric on your pants. 

These are made for Fixed Blade Knives but should fit other tools like small Pry bars, Etc. These "may " fit multitools but they will be buried in the sheath.

These feature an "Ulticlip XL" Clip on the front for very secure pocket retention..

These Sheaths can be clipped into your pocket, onto a backpack, or flipped around and worn on a Belt up to 1.5" wide.

These cases are die cut a specific size and will fit knives up to

-1.50" total width (hilt included if it has one)

-7"-8" long (shorter than that the handle may be fully concealed)

.75" thick comfortably...bigger than that is pushing it and may not fit or will be very tight..

Made with Premium Veg Tanned leather that will mold to the knife over time and use

Cannot be made longer, wider,etc.

Available in multiple leather colors and stitching colors..These can have stamp options on the non-clip side near the bottom

Sheath will be delivered flat and you can mold your knife to it after you put the knife in the first time for left or right hand draw.



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