In 1998, after years in the fire service and seeing a need for quality leather goods , I decided to start making products that Firefighters could use and that would last a career if taken care of. 

I have started and stopped a few times due to multiple reasons , but the demand for my work has always been there and I always feel the need to "help a brother out" so to say...

Every product that i make starts out as a whole hide directly from my supplier. None of the products I make are pre-made or sub contracted out. Any products you receive from me has had my hands on it from the beginning to the end of production as to maintain quality control...Every product is hand cut, hand dyed, put together by hand , and finished by hand.

We offer a wide variety of some of the best leather products for the Fire service. I feel that I make some of the nicest, well made leather gear on the market for Firefighters. The staple of my business has always been Leather Radio straps, Leather Bunker Gear Suspenders , and Truckman / Axe belts. In addition to the above I make a variety of accessories that will suit many needs.

 F.D. Leatherworks

How its made

About Me

My name is Bryan Mathis, I have made a full time career of the Fire Service since getting out of High School in 1989. I currently work for the City of Orlando Fire Department , where I have been since 1998.

In 1998 I began playing with leatherwork, which was something I had always wanted to do but finally did after seeing some of the radio straps the guys were wearing. I started making a few for the guys I was on shift with and then ...boom...business exploded! I love going to the gym , long distance tour biking , spending time with the wife , kids (although they are grown) and friends , and traveling. This has always been a part time gig for me and I have started and stopped several times for numerous reasons , the most recent break was after the passing of my sister Shelley from Breast cancer in January 2013...at the time the business was named FD Leather. I am hoping to make this more of a full time job the closer I get to retirement from the F.D. 

Wait time for delivery is 7-8 weeks 

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Xmas order deadline Nov. 5th . for Radio Straps , Suspenders , Truck Belts